Want to Spy: Best Apps with Enhanced Monitoring and Data Security

This is 2023 where privacy is a Myth. Most of the Global Company says they offer the best Privacy and their servers are unbreakable. On the other side, these companies need the same data to sell their products to You guys. One more thing “Where the product is free – you are the Product”.

Like these Companies, in this article, we are going to discuss the best phone-based tools that can let you spy on your friends, belongings, Enemy, or any other one.

This is 2023 when A Child used to get access to the internet in’s initial five years. This early interaction lets the child go down the wrong path. This same scenario happened to me in the past. It was 2022 when I started to search for the best spy apps to Guard my child as his behaviours were changing a lot in a very short period.

spy apps

So, we are here with the most comprehensive guide which includes the most comprehensive apps that can let you spy. We are Going to list the best apps based on Operating System (Android, iPhones) with the benchmark of Privacy, Security, Features, and many others.

Let’s dive into the list of these apps:


In this section of this article, we are going to list the best Android spying apps. These Apps are the Best in the Market and are discussed below in a detailed manner:

Onemonitar: Our Top Pic For Android

Onemonitar - Our Best pick for Spy App

Onemonitor comes as the groundbreaking solution in front of me. It has almost every feature to find the basic reason. The app is available on both platform “android” and “iPhones”. The pricing for Android is INR 10800 for a year and 10000 for 3 month period.

Features of Onemonitar:

During our research, we found these best features of onemonitor:

  • Call Recordings
  •  Call Logs
  •  Contacts
  •  SMS
  •  Live Locations
  •  Photos & Screenshots
  •  Instant Photo Capture
  •  Surrounding Recordings
  •  Live Ambient Audio
  •  Schedule Surround
  •  Keylogger
  •  WhatsApp Call Recordings
  •  BOTIM Call Recordings 
  •  FB Messenger Call Recordings
  •  Skype Call Recordings
  •  Hangout Call Recordings
  •  Truecaller Call Recordings
  •  WhatsApp Statuses
  •  WhatsApp Chats/Calls
  •  BOTIM Chats/Calls 
  •  WhatsApp Business
  •  WhatsApp Audios/Videos
  •  WhatsApp Voice Notes

What I like: Onemonitar

The onemonitar spy app is one of the leading solutions in the market. In both forms(android, IOS), The Size of the app is less than 5Mb which makes it very lightweight and one of the best spy apps available in the market. The Second most important thing, it comes with parental control features which give a great safeguard to children.

The most exciting thing, I found in the Onemonitor is that “They offer real-time protection from other types of spyware and this lets you give great control over the device and security.

What I Dislike: Onemonitar

The spy app is one of those spy apps that comes with storage on its servers. This makes your device or computer vulnerable to any other third-party users or Hackers as we often Hacking News.

Xnspy: Our 2nd Choice For Android Spy Apps


Xnspy is 2nd choice when we consider the best Spy Apps for Android-based devices, Voted the best cell phone monitoring software by Entrepreneur, Engadget, and many more. It offers one of the finest UX available in the app market used for spying. You can spy on multiple devices from a single subscription. They are available in both device architectures (android, and Macs).

Features of Xnspy:

During our detailed review of Xnspy, we found these basic features:

  • Social apps’ screen recording (New)
  • Record calls and phone surroundings
  • Monitor 12 different social apps
  • Watch list locations, people, and words
  • Monitor phone calls, emails, & multimedia

What I like: Xnspy

Xnspy is one of the fantastic spy tool

What I Dislike: Xnspy

Cocospy: Our 3rd Choice For Android Spy Apps

Spyzie: Our 4th Choice For Android Spy Apps

Hoverwatch: Our 5th Choice For Android Spy Apps

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